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5 Favorite Places to Browse and Shop

January 16, 2013 Leave a comment

I have certain stores where I love to browse and shop. I sometimes get giddy just by stepping into the store, knowing that a new shopping endeavor awaits me. (Yes, I can get silly like that.) Here’s a list of 5 stores where I enjoy shopping:

  1. Wegmans: A grocery store that is massive, there is nearly always something for everyone.
  2. Barnes & Noble: A store full of books. It’s near heaven for the person who loves to read.
  3. Trader Joe’s: I call this the working woman’s Whole Foods. Probably a bit more expensive than your local grocery store, but the prices remain affordable.
  4. The Container Store: If I could have another life, I’d be a professional organizer.
  5. Target: The best organizational store with sleek style and design next to The Container Store.

5 Favorite Clothes Shopping Destinations

January 15, 2013 1 comment
  1. Old Navy: Old Navy is affordable for those who are on a budget a few bucks above minimum wage.
  2. Gap: Gap is where I’d shop if I earned $50,000 a year.
  3. Lord & Taylor: Don’t be deceived by the fancy decor. The clearance racks are chock full of amazing outfits, and I’ve walked out of that store with several items purchased for under $35 total.
  4. NY & Company: NY & Company is one of my favorite stores because of their style of clothing, fit, and sizes.
  5. Ann Taylor LOFT: While the regular Ann Taylor store has proved too pricey for me, the LOFT caters to those who are just below the regular Ann Taylor budget. I love their outfits and can usually find a good deal every time I walk into the store.

Can’t… Contain… Myself…

November 7, 2010 1 comment

Notice: I was not paid for this post. This post was not endorsed by The Container Store, and in fact, The Container Store has no knowledge of this post. (And if The Container Store ever does, no, I don’t do giveaways, but I do accept free gift cards loaded with denominations greater than $0!)

I went to The Container Store in Cherry Hill, NJ after work today. I think my favorite hobby/interest next to reading and writing is organizing. The funny thing is I’m rather messy but organized messy. (Ha!)

Here are some of the purchases I made today (subsidized by a $25 Container Store gift card):

Drawer Organizer

Magic Sliding Discs

Storage Container

Receipt File

Business Refill Cards

Clear Letter Rack

6-section Acrylic Organizer

Here’s what I wish I’d gotten:

Letter Tray: for storing documents in a compact space

Acrylic Magazine Sorter – better support for my letter-size folders

3-Section Vertical File – another great option for the clear letter rack or acrylic magazine sorter

Acrylic Desktop Mail Center – more what I was looking for rather than the 6-section organizer

Photo Storage Boxes – for the mementos I currently have sitting in shoeboxes

And if I had more money to blow:

Tweed Shoebox – I have six already and I simply love them! Wish I could purchase more.

Now the problem is that I’m ready to purchase more!

I also love See Jane Work (exclusively online) pieces because they’re so aesthetically appealing but I balk at the pricing.

Basics Letter Tray – I’d choose Black but $25 is hefty for a set of 2.

Paper Tray – I also love the colors of the paper trays but $26 is hefty for a single piece.

Target is also another great place to score affordable home office finds that are well designed. (I’d recommend going to the Home Office section in store rather than browsing online.)

(sigh) I think I’d be pretty happy being paid to organize homes. Just need to address that teensy time management problem now…

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