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Speechless, speechless, that’s how you make me feel… —Michael Jackson

If I could rewrite my very first blog post on this blog, I’d start out by quoting Michael Jackson’s song “Speechless.” Because, really, speechless is how that intimidating, blinking cursor makes me feel. I have nothing to say. No words come to mind. In fact, I originally wrote this post on paper and transferred it to the computer by typing it out. There’s something about the feel of a pen gliding across paper that puts me at ease and allows me to express my thoughts more freely.

So in the end, I guess I’m not so speechless after all, eh?


SEO Fail or Why I Will Never Have High Blog Traffic

January 25, 2012 5 comments

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I’m not really into 10-step or how-to posts. It’s just not authentic coming from me. But after reading Michael Hyatt’s post on 10 Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic, I suddenly realized I could write a 10-step post on how NOT to get high blog traffic (mostly because it’s nearly anti-everything Hyatt proposes).

1. Market your blog among certain family members.

The main readers of this blog are my husband and mother-in-law. Everyone else is gravy!

2. Don’t comment on blogs unless you have something you really want to say.

I read a few blogs. But often I don’t have anything to say or add to a discussion. I’m not going to post on someone’s blog to add drivel just so I can drive traffic back to my site. But I am likely to like posts on WordPress.

3. Write posts on a variety of subjects. Don’t make your focus too specific.

My blog is not specific to a particular topic except that everything written interests me in some way. The way to get the best blog traffic or visibility is to be topic-specific that appeals to a wide range of people: Michael Hyatt’s focus is on leadership, lifehacker is about productivity and technology, copyblogger is about marketing copy (e.g., blogging, writing, editing, publishing). My focus is too narrow, and quite frankly, not that interesting.

4. Compose content that helps people.

Most of my content on this blog doesn’t help people; it’s simply an outlet for me to express my feelings and share experiences with others. Blogs like that have a difficult time getting high traffic. However, if your shared experience is beneficial in assisting others (as my depression introspection blog is), that blog has the potential for high traffic.

5.  Don’t advertise your blog anywhere.

I do not include my blog URL on my email sig lines and no longer auto-post to Facebook (really because of technical difficulties). I have a link posted to Twitter, which probably doesn’t account for most of my traffic. When I comment on the blogs of others (outside of WordPress), I don’t always include a link back to my blog because I see that as pompously self-promoting (only for myself, of course). I do use tags in the hopes of garnering traffic here and there, but I don’t make a real effort to attract people to my site.

6. Post sporadically.

I auto-generated weekly posts to the site back in November and December but that will end sometime in February. After that, posts will crop up here and there as I feel led to post. It’s not very good for blog traffic, especially when you want readers to check your blog regularly for new content. They won’t return after a while if new content hasn’t appeared in 2 weeks. (Sometimes I post once a month!)

7.  Draft average, uninteresting blog titles.

This blog post may be an anomaly in bland titles. Or it may simply be average because who knows how many people post on SEO Fail? I write posts on assorted ramblings, infertility, and how I got my name. The blog titles aren’t snazzy or captivating, and for me, that’s okay. I’m not trying very hard to capture the attention of others.

8. Shun search engine optimization tactics.

For depression introspection, I was rabid about employing SEO tactics before I even knew what they were: posting on comments on blogs everywhere, registering my blog in places like Technorati, and using pingbacks religiously. The most I’ve put effort into is BlogHer, and even I don’t keep up with that anymore. BlogHer is a-whole-nother beast.

9. Don’t offer your subscribers anything for subscribing.

I don’t have a free eBook at the ready for my loyal subscribers. And even if I did, I’m not sure what it would be about! It’s like having a guest over to your place and going, “Sorry, I got nothing to offer you but water.” It’s kind of bare. People like to get something in return for being loyal and dedicated. I wouldn’t even know where to begin do anything of that sort.

10. Post fluff and so-so content.

WordPress used to encourage me to write fluff posts courtesy of Plinky. (It doesn’t prompt authors for scheduled posts, only for published posts.) I put fluff posts out there because it’s something written each week, but I’m not really a fan of it because it’s not intellectually stimulating. But hey, it’s my blog! My thoughts won’t always be intellectually provocative, and as such, blog posts may follow suit.

So there are your 10 steps to avoiding high blog traffic. Anybody care to add any others? (Thanks for reading!)

Blogging: I Love It and Hate It + Assorted Rambling

January 4, 2012 6 comments

Building traffic and revving up my SEO marketing sounds nice in theory, but I don’t have time for it. While I love writing, I am daunted by a blog’s need for content. It is always hungry, never satiated, always wanting more.

I don’t blog every day because, frankly, I have nothing of value to add each day. I don’t want this blog to become “I had a good day today because my family was here!” or “I had a horrible day today. Worst day EVAR!!!” I want this blog to be somewhat smart and interesting. I want to tackle topics that are important to me that other people don’t talk about. (Well, I could talk about poop but moms of newborns have that covered.) Okay, maybe I’ll tackle politics this year.

I have several blogs, each focused on a different topic: Pop! Goes the Music focuses on pop music but I’ll probably only post to that when I feel like it rather than trying to establish a regular posting schedule. I’ve been upfront on depression introspection that the site is rarely updated and mainly offered as a resource. I also have a professional blog about the dynamics of the American English language.

Posting to This Journey Is My Own is still fun. I don’t do it often, much of my posts are scheduled (thanks to prompts), and I blog when I want to rather than feeling like I need to (as with my professional blog). I also like that my readership is moderate despite that wacky 992 e-mail subscriber number. Read more…

The Queen Bees of Social Media (It’s Only a Dream)

November 7, 2011 4 comments

This post has probably been stewing inside of me for the past couple of years, and some women might find it offensive while other women won’t care while others might agree and others might disagree. I don’t care. This is how I feel. Read more…

Today’s post… on another blog

April 14, 2011 Leave a comment

New Blog: Pop! Goes the Music

April 3, 2011 1 comment

Yes, a new blog.

I’m still working on the post in the Love Wins book that’s probably the most controversial chapter but in the meantime, I started a new music blog called Pop! Goes the Music. It’ll be updated twice a week just so I can feed my pop addiction. If you’re a Pop! Diva like me,, it might be worth checking out.

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My Fight with Facebook and Twitter

March 1, 2011 6 comments
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Facebook and Twitter are two social media tools that feed into a person’s habit of self-absorption. (Blogs do a great job of that too.) For me, Facebook and Twitter feed into my delusion of self-importance, one I will attempt to curb. Read more…

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