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2016 Goals


Green indicates easiest, yellow indicates moderate difficulty, red indicates great difficulty.

  1. Journal or blog at least once a month.
  2. Exercise for 20 minutes 3 times a week (Join Anytime Fitness.)
  3. Read a book I enjoy from start to finish before the end of the year.
  4. Pass my editing certification test in June.
  5. Attend the Warrior Mom Conference in Atlanta in October.
  6. Keep my full-time job for all of 2016.
  7. Pray for my boss regularly.
  8. Engage in self-care daily.
  9. Remain healthy from August 2016–December 2016 (Be proactive and work with my psychiatrist.)
  10. Change my full name to my married name on everything.

Welp. I didn’t evaluate the difficulty of my goals until now and it looks like most of my goals will be no cakewalk. Even my “easiest” goal won’t be achievable anytime soon. I’m pretty sure I can accomplish number 10, even though it will be a pain in the rear end. I will have to be vigilant about pursuing number 8. Number 7 doesn’t come easy. Number 4 is a complete toss-up. And I’d like to stay on track with number 1, but I can’t even promise that. Sometimes, I have nothing to write and nothing to say (especially without repeating myself).

Let’s see how this year goes, folks. Happy New Year.

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