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Main Theme: Politics & News

Politics & News.
So I’ve read in the news that some joker named Donald Trump is running to become the Republican presidential candidate and actually commands a strong lead in the polls! What planet did I land on?
The newest revelation, however, is that I no longer support Hillary Clinton. (Shocking.) I am so over the Clintons. I mean, it only took 23 years. I have my picture from my internship for Sen. Clinton buried away in a box at the bottom. One day when I get over the fact that I blinked at the most inconvenient time for the first time EVER in a photo, I’ll dig it out, scan it, and post it up.

Paris. Syria. ISIS. These are stories that weigh on my heart. Refugees seeking help and new homes.

I’m also really fried with reading news from local affiliate stations. Moms throwing their babies out of windows. Moms driving their kids into hazardous conditions (eg, lake, beach). Toddlers being left unattended in cars during hot weather. Now that I’m a mom, these stories get to me in ways they never did before. Because I briefly experienced postpartum psychosis and almost harmed my child. I feel for these mothers. I feel for these children. My heart hurts and aches for all involved. And I need to disconnect from the news so that I don’t experience the deep fall in my mood that occurs when I read these stories.

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