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Twitter bio and more…

I’m constantly trying to figure out who I am. Should I go by my Twitter bio?

Jesus follower, wife, mother, daughter, Haitian-American, Presbyterian (PCA), Beatles fan, pop princess, non-mommy blogger, suicide survivor, and more…

My Twitter bio only allows 140 characters so I’ve always wondered what I would add as “more” if I had unlimited space. But I also want to define how I describe myself in my Twitter bio. So here goes nothing…

  • Jesus follower: Call me a hipster but I feel as though the term “Christian” has too many bad connotations. I call myself a Jesus follower because I follow his teachings of (this is going to sound new age-y) light and love. (No, I have not completely fallen away and become Rob Bell-esque. I still believe in sin, heaven, and hell, but I also believe in forgiveness, breaking barriers, bending strict rules, and including the rejects of society.) I’m more than a word that conjures ideas of homophobia, tee-totaling, sex-shaming, and gender inequality. Sure, I could call myself a Christian to try to reclaim the word that has been trashed by so many, but I could also call myself a Democrat to reclaim a political party that has been trashed by many.
  • Wife: I somewhat ordered the first four things according to priority. I’m a wife. I’m dedicated to my husband. Even before my children. (But not before God.) Because my children are on loan to me for at least 18 years and then they fly the cuckoo’s nest (or something like that). I want to be the best wife I can be to the man God has given me. (And let me tell y’all, He has given me an AWESOME man.)
  • Mother: Thirdly, I’m a mother. I care for my son. He is my third priority. Only God and my husband come before him.
  • Daughter: I rank being a child fourth now because my earthly duties as a wife and mother trump my duty to my mother. I believe this is a Biblical command: “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” —Genesis 2:24
  • Haitian-American: Now, we’re simply moving into other words to describe myself. Haitian-American means that I am first-generation American. I was born in this country (Representin’ Brooklyn!) but my parents were not. They come from a small country called Haiti, which happened to be the first Black republic in the world. Unfortunately, Haiti is also the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. I keep tabs on news about Haiti, Haitians, and other events affecting Haitians on the island of Hispaniola. I’m sort of a Haitian activist on a very small scale. (Fun fact: I have never been to Haiti although my parents used to threaten to send me there as a kid when I was being bad. There are no such things as child abuse laws there.)
  • Presbyterian (PCA): This is the denomination of Christianity I have chosen to align myself with. Unlike much of mainstream PCUSA, the PCA is a Bible-believing sect of Presbyterianism that teaches reformed doctrine. Reformed as in predestination, election, and the rest of the 5 points of Calvinism (which is essentially TULIP). My husband and I even agreed to baptize our son as an infant because we believe the Bible does not prohibit such an activity. (There was a night-long discussion with our pastor that basically turned us around to become paedobaptists.)
  • Beatles fan: So tell me, how many female Black Beatles fans that were born in the 1980s do you know? Betcha don’t know a whole lot. If you say at least one, you’d be correct! I’ve been a humongous Beatles fan since I was 12 and a Paul McCartney fan even longer. (Someone in 5th grade deigned to tell me, “You do know Paul was part of a major band called The Beatles, right?” At the time, I didn’t but learned about them very quickly.) My favorite movie is Help!, and I prefer Beatles music from 1965–1969. I know absolutely pointless random trivia about the band and love each of their personalities. (Help! made Ringo relevant in my mind although I care for his solo stuff least.) Yeah, I could go on and on about the Beatles. But I’ll shut up here. (But really, when John said that “The Beatles were bigger than God” what he really meant was…) 😉
  • Pop princess: I love almost all things pop music. I used to write a pop music blog but I have run out of time, energy, and space to keep up with multiple blogs. I love Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Rihanna, and early Lady Gaga. Sure, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Nicki Minaj may not exactly be my thing, but you’ll catch me singing “Roar,” “Blow,” and “Super Bass” at one time or another. And really, let’s not forget The Beatles, the first real boy band in pop music… (Ahem.)
  • Non-mommy blogger: This doesn’t mean that I’m not a blogger who isn’t a mother. I do not want to be typified as a “mommy blogger.” I do not want to build my life and blog traffic as the Ambassador for Nathan’s Hot Dogs or the Honorary Train Conductor for Thomas the Train. Or something. What you will NOT find on this blog are posts or reviews about diapers (Pampers vs. Huggies), wholesale stores (BJ’s vs. Costco), formula brands (Similac vs. Enfamil), and pharmacies (CVS vs. Rite Aid). Although I have definite opinions on all those (Pampers, BJ’s, Enfamil, and CVS). I’m not going to tell you why I love Pampers. I’m not going to sell you on Enfamil. (Well, maybe if it means free Gentlease for a year… Hey! Formula is expensive!) But you won’t find typical mommy blogger posts on here. I’m a blogger who happens to be a mommy. I’m not a mommy who makes a career off of blogging.
  • Suicide survivor: I’ve been dealing with suicidal thoughts and tendencies since the age of 14. I’ve survived overdosing pills (and subsequently drinking charcoal – yuck). I have struggled with wanting to cut my wrists, wanting to jump off balconies, wanting to jump out of moving cars (wait—I tried that), wanting to hang myself, and wanting to shoot myself (I’ve never had access to a loaded gun). Eighteen years after my first suicide attempt, I’m still here. I’ve survived suicide. It’s a part of my fabric and I still struggle with it. But I’m doing my best to overcome it.
  • More…: If I could describe what “more” would be on my Twitter profile, it would be the following:
    • Mental Health Advocate: I deal with depression, bipolar disorder, postpartum mood disorders, and anxiety. OCD, ADHD, autism, and schizophrenia have touched the lives of those I care about. I want to champion awareness and decrease stigma of these conditions.
    • Pro-life: I am anti-abortion and anti-death penalty.
    • Independent: I lean Democrat but am no longer affiliated with any political party.
    • Soft rock junkie: Do you like Bread? Do you know who sang “Steal Away”? Is Karen Carpenter one of those voices you can’t get enough of? Is Gerry Rafferty more than just a one-hit wonder to you? Please, let’s talk.
    • Babywearer: I’ve been looking for the best way to bond with my son since I don’t nurse him, and I’ve discovered that babywearing has allowed us to grow closer!

I’m sure I’ll add to this list as time goes on.

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