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2013 Mid-Year Goals Check In

1. Schedule a blog post for each month
SUCCESS! I’ve had a blog post each month so far.

2. Go to the gym once a week
FAIL. I haven’t been to the gym in 2 months. My hope is to go on Sundays.

3. Strength train on Mondays
FAIL. I have not strength trained on Mondays. I don’t know if I will.

4. Read 80 books this year
IN PROGRESS. I doubt I’ll read 80 books this year. I haven’t been in a reading mood lately except for book club books.

5. Craft a new novel from an original idea (not something that I’ve recycled)
FAIL. I was supposed to write the Alpha League of Parapsychology, but I don’t think that’s going to work out.

6. Write a new novel from start to finish in 30 days
IN PROGRESS. November is usually my month to complete a novel.

7. Write 300 words a day whether it’s a combination of blogging, journaling, article writing, or noveling
FAIL. I haven’t been writing much lately.

8. Attend the Writer’s Digest conference
SUCCESS! I attended the conference, pitched some agents, and had a mighty good time.

9. Submit query letters to literary agents
SUCCESS! I’ve gotten nothing but rejections, but I’ve submitted query letters.

10. Complete synopsis of Getting Right with God
SUCCESS! In fact, I received a synopsis from an editor that’s even better than the one I wrote.

11. Watch a movie on Saturday evenings with Jason
FAIL. I’ve been bad about doing this. Need to get back on track.

12. Submit a query letter for an article
SUCCESS! I submitted a query letter for Relevant magazine. Never heard anything back, but I did submit something.

13. Develop a routine in the morning
FAIL. I have no routine except to get the heck up.

14. Develop a routine before bed at night
FAIL. I have no routine except to fall into bed exhausted.

15. (And oh, why not?) Become a mother
IN PROGRESS. I’m undergoing fertility treatments to help me achieve this goal. It’s exciting!

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