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10 Songs That Comprise the Soundtrack of My Life

I’ve put together a musical playlist of my life and what I hope my future entails. The following 10 songs express some kind of hope, things that I’ve gone through, or how I feel. They are in no particular order.

  1. This Journey Is My Own: Sara Groves – The title of my blog. I’m still trying to live and breathe for an audience of one.
  2. Paperback Writer: The Beatles – I hope to get a novel published someday!
  3. Real Bad News: Aimee Mann – This is the song I always think of when I stepped off the plane from college and received the news that my father had died.
  4. I Shall Believe: Sheryl Crow – I’m a hot mess in many ways but I resolve to believe in God even when it’s difficult.
  5. OK: Rebecca St. James – If I could have told my teenage self anything, it’s that life would get better. And everything will be okay.
  6. Gone Too Soon: Michael Jackson – In my opinion, my uncle and my father died much too soon. It’s a beautiful song that expresses loss.
  7. Show Love: Mary J. Blige – Too many people have hated on me in my life and tried to bring me down. This song encourages me to keep my head held high.
  8. In Christ Alone: Keith & Kristyn Getty – I want my hope and my life to be found in Christ alone.
  9. C.S. Lewis Song: Brooke Fraser – A hopeful song about waiting for God.
  10. Surrender: BarlowGirl – I have such a hard time giving up my dreams and desires to God, but this song reminds me that they are best left in his hands.

I originally had 25 songs listed (!) and cut it down to a top 10. I hope you click on some of the songs and enjoy.

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