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Writing in a Private Journal


I have been trying to write regularly (as daily as I can) in a private journal. I suppose I’m old fashioned and I like the feeling of hand writing in a journal with a nice pen. In my journal, I write about everything that I cannot on the Internet. (What? Don’t you know that everything you write on the Internet is recorded for all eternity somehow? Or that anyone is able to discover what you’ve written? I once got in trouble during my internship with a newspaper back in 2004 for having a blog about my job.)

Some of the advantages I’ve found to keeping a private journal:

  • I can be specific. This is first and foremost. I can name people whom I work with or certain companies that I work for without worrying about them finding out that I’ve written about them.
  • I can write strings of words or lists that no one will understand but me. When writing on a blog, I feel forced to compile coherent thoughts. When writing in a private journal, I can write sentence fragments and words that will make no sense to anyone but myself.
  • I can write thoughts that would be unpopular with others. If I have an opinion about something that I know will be unpopular with Internet surfers roaming the Web land, I can always write it in a private journal where no one else but myself can read it.

I used HealthMonth to establish the habit of writing in a private journal daily. It doesn’t matter whether you write by hand or type your thoughts into a private journal on the computer (I do have a private journal at another site or post private entries on this blog). You can also use 750words.com to establish a daily writing habit. (Although, I’m warning you right now: typing 750 words is extremely difficult when you are used to being relatively concise!)

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