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My Favorite iPhone Apps


I have some go-to apps on my iPhone. Here’s a list of them (in no particular order):

  • Google Maps: So much better than the disastrous and inaccurate Apple Maps, Google Maps is a lifesaver with its up-to-date traffic information and (mostly) accurate streets. (free)
  • Remote: I have an Apple AirPort in the kitchen with speakers and sometimes I’ll stream from my iTunes (Mac or PC) to the AirPort in the kitchen. Remote is handy to have when a song comes on that I’m not particularly in the mood for and want to change without running to another room to do so. (free)
  • UberSocial: A Twitter client that allows you to “mute” certain people you follow on Twitter. It also allows you the option of “quoting” a tweet when attempting to retweet. (free)
  • SoundHound: Shazaam is the popular sound/song-matching app, but I like SoundHound. It automatically posts songs that it has matched to Twitter and Facebook. (free)
  • PNC Mobile: I love PNC Bank’s Mobile app that allows me to easily deposit checks simply by taking a picture. I would say that I liked the Virtual Wallet app but the regular PNC Mobile app is just as easy to use for my business account. (free)
  • Starbucks: I can load my cards onto my phone, reload balances, and use my phone to pay for drinks and/or food. And each Tuesday, I get a notification to download their free iTunes song of the week. (free)
  • Time Master + Billing: When freelancing for a client of mine, I use the Time Master app to enter job codes, keep track of my time, and see how much the client will owe me. It allows me to easily back up all my data to Dropbox so in case something goes wrong with my phone, I can access past information. This app has more than paid for itself. ($9.99)
  • Google Voice: In an effort to keep my texting costs down (I am on the 200 texts for $5-dollars plan), I use Google Voice that provides me with my own local number (a separate one from my phone) that people can text to. It has confused a number of my family members and friends that I’ve got two cell phone numbers, but it keeps costs down. (free)
  • Todo by Appigo: A handy way to keep track of things to do. Set schedules, create checklists and projects, and specify things to do by location, phone number, or website. ($4.99)
  • Foursquare:  A location-based check-in game, and a race to see who can be the top of the leaderboard! (free)
  • Scrabble: The popular board game comes to life in a digital version. (free ad-supported version and occasionally on sale for $0.99)
  • Draw Something: It’s like Pictionary but on the phone. You don’t need to be an artiste to have fun. (free ad-supported version and $2.99)
  • Gmail: Primary email of choice. This app allows me to access all the things I cannot through the Mail app: searching my archives and accessing my drafts. (free)
  • MyFitnessPal: A tool for tracking calories. I know people who have lost weight using this app, but I can’t seem to get myself together. (free)
  • YouVersion Bible: Access certain translations of the Bible online and offline. Why carry a Bible to church anymore? (free)
  • Facebook: The Facebook app helps me to stay connected to friends and family. And now, it’s easier than ever to share links. (free)
  • WordPress: Whenever inspiration for a blog post may strike me, I have a reliable blogging tool at my fingertips. And if I really wanted to, I could use it for my professional blog. (free)
  1. silverneurotic
    January 11, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    I just got a iPhone a month ago and I have to say, by far, my favorite app is the Kindle app since my Kindle died on my back in September. Other apps I like…Allrecipes (though, tbh I haven’t used properly yet), Pandora, Instapaper, WordPress app and of course the social apps like Twitter and FB.

    • Kass
      January 11, 2013 at 2:31 PM

      I had an Instapaper account and I just didn’t have much use for the site. Do you use it primarily for saving articles that you want to read later or has it expanded its use beyond that?

  2. January 14, 2013 at 1:12 PM

    “Google maps is the best. True, double true!”

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