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So I’ve been silent on the blog, mainly because I have very little to talk about. I’m staying silent on politics because I’ve chosen to be willfully ignorant about the election because I don’t feel like losing friends over elections like I did in 2004 and 2008. To me, it’s just not worth it. (Although I have my uninformed opinions about things.)

Things are still quiet on the infertility front. A medical procedure needs to be performed and we’re waiting on our doctor to give the all-clear for it.

I’ve been exercising regularly for the past week and changing my eating habits, which has so far led to a 1.6-lb weight loss. Hoorah!

What I would really like to do, though, is write a story, but I just don’t have any ideas left in me. I’m consumed by reading a plethora of bad books (Fifty Shades, Phoenix Rising) and hoping that I can somehow conjure up a short story from somewhere inside me. Nothing doin’, though.

When I think of my relationships with my coworkers, it’s very formal and polite. I guess I’m not a casual, relaxing person. I wish I made friends much more easily. When I think of my cousins, they are considerate, thoughtful, and people-oriented.

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