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National Infertility Awareness Week

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week, and I’m all too aware that I don’t have kids. So what’s next? What does raising awareness about infertility mean?

It’s about learning to be sensitive to childless couples, especially those who are struggling to conceive children. Here’s an old post I wrote about Six Ways to Be Considerate of Childless Couples.


Beyonce was just named by People Magazine as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. I, for one say, Beyonce is overrated. She’s a very beautiful individual, no doubt, but really, People Mag couldn’t find any other woman in the WORLD who is prettier? I’m on Beyonce overload anyway after her whole pregnancy and made-up after-birth photos. (Who looks that polished after just having kids? I mean, really.)

People Assuming I Like Barack Obama Because I’m Black

My blackness does not equal a love for the first black president. It’s just that simple. It does not necessarily translate into a love for the other political side either.

Michelle Obama

I have no issues with the First Lady and I’m baffled with people who do. I mean, she isjust the First Lady. She ain’t Barack running the country. But that’s just me.

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