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I am just the proofreader.

Image from centerstage.org

I have known about your company since its near inception. I had to reject you at first because I was afraid of starting with a company from the ground up. Then several years later, you opened your arms up to me but kept me on the fringes. I’ve been continually rejected from being a full-fledged employee in your company. I am just the proofreader.

I attend your company parties and watch as you dole out thoughtful gifts to your employees. I help your proofreading department and make your materials error free. But you don’t know anything about me, so I do not receive anything. I am just the proofreader.

No one talks to me. No one cares about me beyond a simple “hello.” Everyone is too busy with their tasks or more concerned about their friends already at work. Because, you see, I am just the proofreader.

I polish and proof. I redact and edit. I am the phantom behind the writers. I am just the proofreader.

I am called randomly for work. I get a change in routine. I am paid well for my services. With this, I don’t mind just being the proofreader.


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