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Personality Test: DiSC Assessment

In September, I was required to attend a course for determining my personality style. I’ve previously blogged on this topic before and determined that, of the four temperaments, I was melancholy sanguine. Well, the DiSC assessment is a bit different (although not by much). DiSC stands for: Dominance, influence, Conscientious, Steadiness. Responses can vary based on the environment. For example, I am an I at work (29) but not too far off from an S (28). This would probably change for my personal/home life. I found myself identifying with the steadiness category much more than the influence category, but I was borderline for each. Here’s an overview of the different DiSC styles. Click on the image to enlarge it or click here to download the PDF.

PersonalityStyle.com has a free DiSC assessment, but I’m sure it’s one of those assessments that won’t give you the results unless you give the site your email. I hope you will instead try to find your personality according to the overview above and tell me who you think you are.

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