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The Voice: Coach Xtinarcissist

Guess who’s got the biggest ego of these 4 coaches?

I’ve been a dedicated viewer of the new NBC series “The Voice” this season, and I’m thrilled to know that it’s doing so well that it’s been picked up for a second season. (I tend to kill brand-new shows simply by becoming a dedicated viewer as exemplified by the death of Martha Stewart’s “The Apprentice” and “Vanished.”) I was drawn to the show because of the star-studded coaches—one in particular really—and ended up loving the contestants.

I’m a huge Christina Aguilera fan. Haven’t always been that way (didn’t care for her “Genie in a Bottle” days), but after listening to the Stripped album (from her so-called skanky days), I became a dedicated fan. I don’t love all of her songs and it’s not that the girl can do no wrong in my eyes, but I’ve always seen her as a smart, strong female apart from her smart, strong vocals. Compared to Jessica Simpson and some of her other contemporaries, I know she’s not a dumb bottle blonde.

So when I heard Xtina was going to be one of the coaches on the new show, I was thrilled. After the debacle with bungling The Star-Spangled Banner lyrics, I couldn’t wait to see Xtina brush the dirt off her skirt, get back up, and woo us back to her by guiding other talented artists. For me, Xtina was the biggest draw into watching “The Voice” and I could have cared less about the other coaches, Cee Lo, Adam Levine (frontman for Maroon 5), and country singer Blake Shelton.

I’ve watched every single episode of “The Voice” this season, and while I can go into in-depth detail about why I love the show (maybe in another blog post), this post is really about how disappointed I am to see Christina living up to her diva/prima donna status (and I mean that in the bad sense of the word).

I know she’s been pretty self-absorbed and narcissistic all season long (her boobs always play a prominent role in each episode), but her height of conceit really came to a head for me at the show finale when all of my respect for her as a person came crashing down.

Xtina’s loyal friends

During the 2-hour long finale in which the remaining four contestants performed, Xtina looked dour and her comments for others were curt as if she seemed upset that one of the other contestants would beat her shining star, rocker Beverly McClellan.

Each of the coaches sung a duet with their final artist and Christina chose one of her favorite songs—“Beautiful,” her very own chart-topper! Of course, Beverly was simply honored to share such a fantastic song with the original singer and songwriter (Linda Perry), but Christina would expect nothing less because the song is so amazing. (Which it is but it’s totally another thing to shamelessly promote yourself like that.)

Then upon the conclusion of Beverly’s energetic performance of “Love Sick,” an original song written exclusively for the finale, Xtina had perked up significantly and gave her artist an enthusiastic standing ovation when she barely deigned to acknowledge the other singers (who, quite frankly, had much better original songs — iTunes sales back me up on this). (Disclaimer: Bev was one of my favorites this season so don’t think I’m slamming her.) A Twitterer I follow said it best about Xtina last night:

She’s been that way the entire season. EVERYTHING she says about everyone somehow comes back to her & her career.

And upon evaluating several performances over the course of the season, he couldn’t be more correct. Watch Beverly’s performance of “Love Sick” below or skip ahead to 6:45 to see how Xtina brings Beverly’s performance and singing all back to herself.

That really did me in. As much as I love Xtina’s singing ability and many of her songs, I lost respect for her by the end of the show. She proved herself to be a narcissist and to only care about things that revolve around her. I’m pretty sad to feel this way about her especially since she’s the only female on the show and the reason I even got interested in the show in the first place. I’ll still buy her albums and still consider her smart and strong but she’s too self-absorbed for me to like as a person any more.

So when I tune in to watch the second season of “The Voice” next February, I’ll instead be tuning in to watch Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, coaches whom I have grown to love, are clearly more fun, and don’t sit on too much of a high horse. (Cee Lo’s more down-to-earth as well, but his performances are weird and he’s creepy the way he hits on all the female contestants over 18.) Based on the coaches’ picks earlier in the season, I quickly jumped on the #TeamAdam bandwagon, but based on last night’s songs and performances, I’ve suddenly (and unexpectedly) found myself joining #TeamBlake and #TeamDia. And that’s the fun of the show for me: the person you end up voting for by the end of the season just might surprise you.

Fast-forward to 1:40 to hear Dia Frampton’s original song, “Inventing Shadows” that hit number one on iTunes.

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