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Typical Mundane and Ordinary Post

“Old black water, keep on rollin’ / Mississippi moon, won’t you keep on shinin’ on me” ~”Black Water,” The Doobie Brothers

[insert insightful, funny, thoughtful, witty blog post here]

Now, for the one that’s not:

I’m always amazed at how people with blogs can generate content about themselves every . . .  single  . . . day. I like to talk about myself sometimes (really, who doesn’t in some form or capacity?), but I think what I generally like to do is put my opinions out there about different things and see what happens. I try to be thoughtful about what I post instead of ranting about how every driver in Southeastern Pennsylvania is set out to kill me on Wednesday afternoons. (I mean, really, people.)

But I have nothing of great importance to set forth here today. I know nothing of collective bargaining in Wisconsin and do not know if I agree with the state Supreme Court’s decision to overturn it. I am purposely ignorant of politics.

I watched Waiting for Superman the other night and found myself extremely discouraged and depressed about the public education system in America. I’ve resolved that I will homeschool children if I have any.

I should be editing a book right now instead of blogging.

I should also be cleaning this mess of a living room that has somehow turned into my office. My office mess is like a giant ocean, tethered to my desk. And then I, the hurricane, come along, pick it up, and generate the tsunami wave that crashes my mess into the nether worlds of the coffee table, couch, and kitchen table. I leave a disaster and disarray of papers in my wake. (My table surface areas never get to see the sun!)

I have a calendar still on May. I have paperwork to catch up on. Unopened bills. Receipts that haven’t been filed. Explanation of Benefits statements without a home. Checkbooks to balance. Books to read.

And when all that’s done. There’s still more to do. Like laundry. How can two people generate so much . . . ?

I feel like I’m running on a treadmill. I can never catch up. The work, at home and outside of my home, never ends.

Blah. I have nothing more to say.

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