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All Things New

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Well, not all things are new. I just couldn’t come up with a better title.

The next two months will be busy. I will be doing things I don’t normally do. I am editing a short non-fiction book. I will be visiting friends along the East Coast. I will be traveling to a wedding in Florida. I have signed up for a summer softball league.

In August, I will be working at the library as usual and staying at home. Maybe forging ahead with that novel that burns a hole in my heart. It has not been forgotten.

What also hasn’t been forgotten is that mid-August to early October are always difficult months for me. Then I get another whammy in December. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of my father’s passing. A thin, flimsy layer of skin stretches across the hole that his death leaves in my heart, but the hole is still there. I think of him often. I guess a girl with a good dad never gets over his death.

I will be doing other challenging things that won’t be mentioned here, and whatever way it works out, it will bring some joy and grief to some extent. (A very cryptic statement, but that’s ok.)

The more I consider my personality, the more I realize I am a rather finicky, flighty sort of girl. I dabble in one thing, lose interest, and then jump into another. It’s the reason I read 10 or more books at one time.

It’s also the reason why I believe Jesus Christ is real. Thirteen years, and I haven’t given him up yet. (Or rather, he hasn’t given me up yet.) I haven’t given up my husband either, but I’m pretty loyal to people I know. (Whether he gives me up remains to be seen.) 😉

Well, maybe not all things are new. Sometimes, some old things should be appreciated for the value and worth they hold.

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