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Living Life Intentionally

This weekend I tried (although did a rather lousy job) of taking a personal retreat in which I spent time alone, focusing on developing a full life plan, which resulted in an outline of my priorities and goals in life. As a result of completing this, I had to say no to many of the things I was considering pursuing.

Image from michaelhyatt.com/life-plan

The idea of a personal retreat comes from Michael Hyatt, former CEO (and current Chairman) at Thomas Nelson. He developed a free e-book called Creating Your Personal Life Plan, adapted from Building Champions, in which he discusses the following:

  1. The Outcome of Your Life (how you want to be remembered)
  2. The Priorities in Your Life (what is important to me?)
  3. The Action Plan for Each Priority (outlining where you are and where you want to be)
    1. Purpose Statement (your purpose with each priority)
    2. Envisioned Future (how you ideally see yourself with interacting with each priority)
    3. Supporting Verse (if applicable, or perhaps a quote that motivates and inspires you)
    4. Current Reality (how does what is happening now stack up to your envisioned future?)
    5. Specific Commitments (developing a practical plan to move from current reality to envisioned future)

Hyatt recommends reviewing your life plan quarterly but following up on your specific commitments weekly to make sure that you are accomplishing what you need to accomplish toward your envisioned future.

When I think of Jesus, I think of a man who lived his life on earth intentionally and with a purpose. He didn’t do things haphazardly or “nilly willy.” If this is the example that Jesus has set for his followers, why do we as Christians simply bumble along in life simply trying to survive?

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