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Day 28 of Enjoying God: Unpredictability

I’m not unpredictable to God, but He’s unpredictable to me.

While I had a fantastic weekend, in many ways it was frustrating. Electronically, I felt cut off from a lot of things (including my daily posting on this blog), and I also experienced several reminders that NY is no longer my home.

A lot of things happened in the past 5 days that I did not expect: agents to actually be interested in my book, to get practical and worthwhile tools out of the conference, for a very scary online agent to be so amazingly funny.

I also didn’t expect to have migraines for Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend taught me (and life continues to remind me) that my world is unpredictable. God will not have everything go according to MY plan. Things go according to HIS. God, the sovereign creator of all things, designed my tear-filled moments, created the situations in which I became frustrated, and gave me the strength to get up and memorize a 90-second pitch in an entire morning.

One way for me to try and enjoy God is to just go with the flow of life: adapt to the disruptions of life, change the planned road map to match the ground, and recognize that God is at work behind everything, orchestrating things for my good (not necessarily my happiness) and for His glory.

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