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Day 14 of Enjoying God: Righteous Anger

I may create a separate blog post on the issue of abortion and the Black population, but after discovering the high rate of abortion in the New York City area, especially among the Black and Hispanic populations, I was grieved.

Then I became angry. Very angry.

I became angry that over half of Black children conceived in the NYC area don’t have a voice and aren’t given a chance to live. They are murdered—their tissues and body parts carelessly bagged up for trash or flushed down the toilet.

Just as I see this as heinous and unfair, I realized that God sees my sin in a similar light. He sees every act of rebellion against Him as heinously as I see abortion. It disgusts Him and makes Him sick and He must turn away from me.

In Jesus Christ, God no longer sees my sin. He sees His holy son who died for my sins and accepts me that way.

Having righteous anger against abortion (or any other type of injustice) is not really a way of “enjoying God,” but it has helped me to understand God just a wee bit better. And that’s the whole point of this series of blog posts: not only to just enjoy God but also to get to know Him better.

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