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2011 Resolutions… Goals… Targets… Likely Misses…

I don’t have the statistics on how many people fail to keep their resolutions and how quickly it drops off but I know for certain that the percentage is high (ie, majority of people who make New Year’s resolutions don’t keep them).

So with the dawn of a new year, I’m not expecting much either so I’ve thrown something on the list that’s a definite (to make me feel better) and the rest are just hopeful shots in the dark. They’re not unrealistic but the likelihood that I’ll actually hit any of these goals by the end of 2011 is low. That being said, I’ll revisit these goals on June 4, then again on December 4 to see if I’ve made any progress.

2011 Resolutions/Goals

  1. Land an agent for my young adult novel.
  2. Exercise for at least 15 minutes 4 times a week.
  3. Lose 25 lbs.
  4. Eat more salads and vegetables.
  5. Read 75 (or more) books.
  6. Relax on the Sabbath (Sunday). [This one, by far, will be the most difficult one for me to do.]
  7. Attend a writer’s conference.
  8. Attend CCEF’s October conference in Louisville.
  9. Learn to be content with what I have and who I am.
  10. Spend more time with God through prayer and Bible reading.
  11. Attend morning church services at my home church at least twice a month.
  12. Write a post (nearly) every day on different aspects of enjoying God.
  13. Cut down on sweets aka be less addicted to sugar.
  14. Read through the Chronicles of Narnia.
  15. Hold scheduled write-ins at the library through the month of November for NaNoWriMo.

I purposely left #16 off this list. Since it falls under contentment, I will try to deal with that as best as I can.


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