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Day 2 of Enjoying God: Jealous God

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jeal·ous [jel-uhs]

  1. feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages (often fol. by of ): He was jealous of his rich brother.
  2. feeling resentment because of another’s success, advantage, etc. (often fol. by of ): He was jealous of his brother’s wealth.
  3. characterized by or proceeding from suspicious fears or envious resentment: a jealous rage; jealous intrigues.
  4. inclined to or troubled by suspicions or fears of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims: a jealous husband.
  5. solicitous or vigilant in maintaining or guarding something: The American people are jealous of their freedom.
  6. Bible. intolerant of unfaithfulness or rivalry: The Lord is a jealous god.

Lately as I’ve been convicted by my burgeoning jealousy on a number of things, I am reminded of my jealous God—not in the sinful, human sense but in the Biblical sense as in definition number six above. But I think His jealousy also ties into definition number five: the Lord is vigilant in guarding the hearts of his people.

How in the world is this part of enjoying God? Well, the things I’ve been desiring haven’t been bad or sinful things, but my attitude toward not obtaining them has been wrong.  Then I think of how God is jealous for me—in the pure and righteous sense—vigilant in guarding the affections of my heart and intolerant of anything that leads my heart away from Him. Recognizing this forces me to repent of the temporal things I have been jealous of and turn myself toward the eternal God.

A wife who is jealous of her husband (or vice versa) isn’t a bad thing. It’s right for spouses to be intolerant of unfaithfulness. And likewise, so it is right for the God of the universe to demand (actually, He commands) all of my affection and competing with nothing else.

In my opinion, it’s nice to be loved and wanted that much.

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